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Recent Publications

The Curse of the  1715-Spanish Plate Fleet: Run Aground on the Coast of Treasure

Conspiracy: Meriwether Lewis and Thomas Jefferson’s Missing Documents

Near-Death-Experiences of the Ancients

Tamoanchan: In Search of the Origins of the Aztecs


Ancient Ancestors Walking All Over Clovis First Academics

Panconsciousness: A Quantum Leap To Ancestor-Simulation-Program

Roman Origins of a Pot at the End of the Rainbow


Destiny: Rev. Jim Willis, American Cults, Cabal, Corruptions and Charismatic Leaders - Earth Ancients, hosted by Cliff Dunning,  May 31, 2023

American Cults - What if They're Wrong? Podcast, hosted by Jeremiah, May 22, 2023

American Cults, Cabals, Corruption, and Charismatic Leaders - The Leak Project, hosted by Rex Bear,  May 17, 2023

A Look Inside American Cults with Jim Willis - California Haunts Radio, hosted by Charlotte Kosa,  April 26, 2023

Ends of Days; Comparative Eschatology - Garden of Doom, hosted by Jeff Lippman, April 22, 2023

American Cults - Cabals, Corruption & Charismatic Leaders - Forbidden Knowledge News, hosted by Chris Mathieu, March 29, 2023

American Cults - 3 Beards Podcast, March 8, 2023


Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times - Chapter 1 - Becoming

Censoring God by Jim Willis Book Preview - The History of the Lost Books (and Excluded Scriptures)

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times - Chapter 2 - Dharma

Cosmo and Me: A Seeker's Journey from Religion to Spirituality

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