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With the world changing so rapidly in the 21st century, what is there left to believe in? Do traditional religions, science, and philosophy still have anything left to offer—something that promises measurable hope? Are the words "faith", "trust", and "belief" still meaningful?

Rev. Jim Willis believes that the next thrust of human evolution needs to be in the realm of the spirit; the human heart. He puts forth the argument that this step is natural and to be expected, because humankind is growing into a potential inherent since the beginnings of consciousness.

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There is no doubt that America has changed and evolved considerably since the 1950s. The post-war years when the middle class found a haven in the manicured lawns of suburban homes quickly gave way to social unrest in the 1960s and '70s. This was followed by the "Decade of Greed" in the 1980s, disillusion at the turn of a century, and the sea change caused by the internet, social media, and threats (perceived or real) to the American way of life.

Christian minister, musician, teacher, and spiritual explorer Jim Willis takes listeners on his personal path of growth and reflection that in many ways parallels the journey of America. Join Willis as he grows from a shy boy in the Detroit suburbs to professional trombonist to minister and preacher to explorer of Buddhism and shamanism. You'll hunt game and fish with him in New York's woods, try dowsing in South Carolina, and seek the truth about life as Willis comments on everything in our society from Muppets to the drugs culture to the state of religion in America. Willis questions and reevaluates America's sense of values in this thought-provoking memoir by an adept and entertaining raconteur.

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"I have come to suspect that life is magical. How else do you explain the language that has grown up about it: serendipity, coincidence, déjà vu, foresight, extrasensory? Those are all descriptions of the supernatural. It’s silly to pretend that magic doesn’t exist, just because we think we are too mature and sophisticated to acknowledge it. 

Michael knew that. He lived his life with the certainty that magic surrounded him. For many years, I forgot how to see magic. It disappeared from my experience. I am the poorer for it. But, now that I have finally and fortunately discovered it again, I feel the need to tell you about how at least one man lived in the glow of magic and taught a young boy how to do the same. 

Let me tell you the strange story of the wizard in the wood. If you’re lucky, it might change your life."

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On a bicycle journey along the Savannah River from the source to the sea, the author discovers that rivers offer a key to understanding the secrets of our life-journey from birth and childhood through middle age and senior years.  The river becomes an unfolding metaphor that yields insight and perspective.  But a bike tour, like life itself, can be a lot of fun, too!


​​This book doesn't just take you on the author’s bicycle passage along the Savannah River. In it, he discusses in depth the history of the region, a fascinating journey in and of itself!  Savannah: A Bicycle Journey through Space and Time studies the archaeological, historical, and geological evidence that delivers substance to the stories of the southeastern history, including:


  • Lake Hartwell

  • The Piedmont

  • The Coastal Plain

  • The Savannah River Site

  • The Topper Site

  • Paris Island Culture

  • Stallings Island Culture

  • The Huguenots

  • The Georgia Guidestones

  • The Santee Indian Mound

  • The Sewee Shell Ring

Savannah offers perceptions and insights about the symbolism of the river, exploring the allegorical experiences of youth, dams, lakes, and locks. Enjoy the ride!

©2023 JW2 Publications

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