"The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."  


- Sir Arthur Eddington

When I retired to the woods of South Carolina I wanted to experience a passion similar to those who built Stonehenge - strong enough to inspire me to move mega-ton boulders halfway across England. That is to say, I retired with an agenda. “Okay God, it’s you and me. No structures No restrictions. No theology. No holds barred. Twenty-four hours a day. You are my only passion. You say you like a challenge? Bring it on!” Like Jacob of old who wrestled with God, I had one prayer on my lips: “I will not let you go until you bless me!”


Imagine my surprise when, in a totally unexpected way, God answered and did just that!

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"The purpose behind the ley system, that still remains the deepest of ancient mysteries, is commonly agreed by most experienced researchers to be connected with a former code of mystical science which acknowledged the existence of energy streams across the earth and the part they play in the renewal of all life on this planet. It was a science whose principals were numerically expressed, it unified all the individual arts and sciences and it has left traces of its mythology, folklore, customs, monuments and cultures universally … The memory of that archaic world-order was preserved into historical times by groups or castes of priestly initiates, such as the keepers of the Egyptian temples from whom indirectly Plato received it. His name for the lost world (was) Atlantis."

-John Michell, The New View over Atlantis

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Censoring God, hosted by Jeffrey Lippman, October 24, 2021