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Devon Dowsers, Tamar Dowsers, Trencrom Dowsers, Somerset Dowsers & Thames Valley Dowsers: 

a Zoom Presentation for the British Society of Dowsers

What if someone were to tell you that your five senses, which have evolved to help you interact with the world around you, also serve as filters that cut you off from a true experience of the totality of reality?

What if that person were to further explain that the scientific method, a marvellous, systematic, investigative technique that relentlessly explores, tracks down, measures, and describes the world around us, is insufficient to fully explain the nature of the cosmic ocean in which we live?


What if you were to learn that almost everything you have been taught about reality is an illusion?


Dowsers have long made such claims – and more. But surprisingly, these are no longer statements echoing forth from the world of what many call metaphysics. They are the claims of cutting-edge science. Specifically, quantum physics. Scientific and intuitive approaches to reality have long been traveling two separate and parallel highways on the way to understanding the true nature of our perception realm. Are they about to merge? Or have they already merged? Are they employing different language to describe the same phenomena? Have we entered an era in which principles familiar to every experienced dowser now have explanations and support from the cutting edge of so-called “rational,” “provable,” science?

Dowsing in Quantum Reality,
A Review by Nigel Twinn

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