Journey Home: The Inner Life of a Long Distance Bicycle Rider, Haley's Press, 2000

The Religion Book: Places, Prophets, Saints and Seers, Visible Ink Press, 2004

Armageddon Now: The End of the World A to Z, Visible Ink Press, 2006

Faith, Trust & Belief: A Trilogy of the Spirit, AuthorHouse, 2007

Snapshots and Visions: A View From the Now, AuthorHouse, 2009

The Dragon Awakes: Rediscovering Earth Energy in the Age of Science, Dragon Publishing Solutions, 2013

Savannah: A Bicycle Journey Through Space and Time, Dragon Publishing Solutions, 2014

Ancient Gods: Lost Histories, Hidden Truths and the Conspiracy of Silence, Visible Ink Press, 2017

Supernatural Gods: Spiritual Mysteries, Psychic Experiences and Scientific Truths, Visible Ink Press, 2017


​​​​​​Books by Jim Willis


All around the world we find enigmatic structures, archeological wonders and geographic anomalies that stand in the way of a uniform understanding of who we are as a people.  They raise nagging questions:

  • 40,000 years ago, across Europe and Asia, our ancestors felt the need to crawl deep underground, sometimes as much as a mile, braving the depths and darkness, to paint magnificent images on the walls of caves.  Why?
  • Six miles from Urfa, an ancient city in Southeast Turkey, stand the ruins of a megalithic temple site called Göbekli Tepe.  Built 11,600 years ago, before the Agricultural Revolution, before humans had discovered how to grow their own food to support such an endeavor, it begs the question, why?
  • Six thousand years later, humans dragged stones, weighing up to four tons, 140 miles across England to build a monument called Stonehenge.  Why? 
  • On an equatorial band circling the earth our ancestors felt the need to build pyramids.  Why?
  • Over the course of three thousand years no less than five world religions were born that are still a source of faith and practice to billions of people around the world.  Why?
  • The great questions of humanity have been the same for as long as there have been humans around to ask them:  "Who are we?"... "Where did we come from?"..."Why are we here?"..."What is our purpose?"... "Is there more?"

In short, we seem to be a species with cultural amnesia.  Is it possible that we have forgotten who we are?


Where do we come from?  What are the origins of modern civilization? Do the world's pyramids, the Nazca Lines, Easter Island statues, and other enigmatic structures, archaeological wonders, and geographic anomalies contain evidence of ancient gods? 

Sifting through the historical and archaeological evidence, Ancient Gods: Lost Histories, Hidden Truths, and the Conspiracy of Silence probes the myths, stories, history, and facts of ancient civilizations, lost technologies, past catastrophes, archetypal astronauts, and bygone religions to tease out the truth of our distant past and modern existence. It takes and in-depth look at the facts, fictions, and controversies of our ancestors, origins, who we are as a people—and who might have come before us. It tackles more than 60 nagging stories of ancient gods, ancestors, alien visitors, theories and explanations.