American Society of Dowsers

2017 Convention

"Navigating Your Future With Dowsing"

Jim Willis presented "Dowsing in Quantum Reality: Age-Old Techniques for a New-Age" at the American Society of Dowsers convention in June. 

Dowsing, like every other technology, is subject to change over time.  Because dowsers operate on a deeply intuitive level, our mental processes, shaped by prevailing culture, can sometimes work to our disadvantage if we are not careful.  Thinking and reasoning, the generally accepted ways of functioning these days, are not bad things.  But if left unexamined they can sometimes hinder us.  Our social environment shapes us in quiet and unacknowledged ways.  This raises a question:  How does a thinking, educated dowser in the 21st century approach a craft that was discovered and practiced by people who lived thousands of years ago?     

Although the presentation covered dowsing, it also tackled some of the toughest questions we can ask today… Where did we come from?  What is our purpose?  What happens when this life is over?  Pouring a lifetime of study, sermons and seminars into this presentation, it is now available on YouTube.  In his words, "I feel that it is important and relevant in today's world, combining an age old craft with cutting edge science.  Some of you will recognize a few of the stories I share.  A few will recognize the song I sing at the beginning.  Many will learn something new in areas from dowsing to quantum physics.  In short, this sums up much of what I have learned after a lifetime of experience and teaching."