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Ancient Origins, "The Northern Cross and the Birth of Shamanism: A Southeastern Mystery Story"

Ancient Origins, "Caves and Portals: The Mystery Beneath Us"

Ancient Origins, "The Christ and the Buddha: How Can You Explain the Uncanny Similarities?"


When I retired after forty years in the Christian ministry I wanted to experience a passion similar to those who built Stonehenge.  Their spirituality was so strong that it inspired them to move mega-ton boulders halfway across England. I retired with an agenda: “Okay God, it’s you and me. No church structures. No restrictions. No theology. No holds barred. Twenty-four hours a day. You are my only passion. You say you like a challenge? Bring it on!” Like Jacob of old who wrestled with God, I had one thought in mind: “I will not let you go until you bless me!”  Imagine my surprise when God answered and did just that!  And the answer was found in an ancient wisdom that would have been very familiar to our ancestors.